Honouring Terry Fox with a ban on wood smoke

By on September 15, 2015

Letters to the EditorThe Editor,

September – Terry Fox Run – and Cancer have been a triad for many years throughout the world and this also gave Port Coquitlam worldwide exposure, as his hometown.

Perhaps its time for Port Coquitlam’s Leaders to honour Terry by eliminating cancer enhancing air pollutants from its neighbourhoods!

As the City already has adopted the purpose of the Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot Tour, (which is, that every person has the right to live in a clean environment) this could be fairly easy and most everyone would welcome a Clean Air Bylaw and would support City on this policy.  Because most people have become aware that breathing clean air does matter.

Especially those who had to breathe wood smoke polluted air from this summer’s wild fires and with the approaching fall and winter season most people are not looking forward being bombarded with smoke emissions from neighbouring fireplaces.

Port Coquitlam could be the first municipality on the Lower Mainland to initiate a Bylaw that makes it illegal to pollute neighbourhood air through wood smoke or any other cancer causing smoke.

And implementing such Law would be a perfect way to come many steps closer to help fulfilling Terry’s Dream to stamp out cancer.

Brie Oishi

Port Coquitlam

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  1. Shirley Brandie

    September 19, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    Thank you, Brie, for awakening others to the fact that we need to end wood smoke pollution which is so very harmful to everyone. The air we breathe is already so polluted and banning wood burning would be a huge step in the right direction.

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