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By on January 11, 2016

Letters to the EditorLetter to the Editor

BC Hydro has become burdened with enormous financial debt load and obligation due to their  required contracting (by law) to Independent Power Producers or IPP’s.  BC Hydro was required under the “Clean Energy Act” to purchase this privately produced electricity regardless of need here or abroad.

The former Premier Gordon Campbell believed that  demand for “green” power in California could be provided by BC.  Unfortunately, demand for this power was gravely over exaggerated by Hydro’s projections.

After BC Hydro signed and sealed many of the IPP contracts, then Premier Campbell discovered that California did NOT consider  the  “run of the river” IPP’s as green energy.


By not asking California first, whether these projects actually met California’s criteria, the $40 Billion (yes…that is $40 Billion) dollar mistake is one that all of the taxpayers and rate payers of BC will be paying for a very long time to come.  We are on the hook to cover those costs.

Another surprise…..California must consider the use of natural gas as “green” because 52% of their electricity is now  being generated  by natural gas. Here in BC. This government refuses to consider or use natural gas for the same purpose…..by law under the Clean Energy Act.

The Site C project is estimated at another $9 Billion dollars, over and above the $40 Billion IPP costs, courtesy of the BC taxpayers.  And believe it or not…BC Hydro’s own statements  suggest that we can use the power from a Site C and sell it to California……..

Here’s the punch line….California does NOT consider the Site C project as “green”.

Fool us once……but really…… ?  All these projects without a buyer for this power is not just bizarre but truly irresponsible. Shame on this government’s energy and fiscal policies.

Rick Koechl

Mike Kroecher

Charlie Lake, BC

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