Dawson Creek Secondary students vote Conservative majority

By on October 20, 2015
File photo.

File photo.

DAWSON CREEK – The Conservative Party of Canada has little to worry about in the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding, if yesterday’s Student Vote at Dawson Creek Secondary School (DCSS) is any indication of future voting trends.

Conservative voters had a strong showing at the school, as final results gave incumbent Bob Zimmer 40.85 per cent of the vote, well ahead of Liberal Matt Shaw who won 25.61 per cent of the students’ votes.

The younger generation was kinder to the Green Party than their older counterparts, giving Elizabeth Biggar 47 out of 328 votes, making the Green Party the third runner up ahead of the NDP, Libertarian and Progressive Conservative candidates, who shared the remaining 48 votes.

There were 15 spoiled ballots included in this count.

The DCSS voters were part of over 850,000 students who had voted across Canada by mid-day on Oct. 19., at more than 6,000 schools.

The student votes represented 337 federal ridings; the final count echoed the results of the Federal election with the Liberals coming out on top with 223 seats, giving them the majority and leaving the Conservatives with 69 seats, the NDP with 40 and the Greens with 4.

The Bloc Québécois earned one seat in Quebec in the Student Vote.

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