Dawson Creek Reiki practitioner finds a loyal clientele in the Peace

By on February 2, 2016
Kristofer Marjanovic, of Marjanovic Alternative Healing. Photo: Stacy Thomas

Kristofer Marjanovic, of Marjanovic Alternative Healing. Photo: Stacy Thomas

DAWSON CREEK – Born and raised in Dawson Creek, Reiki and Quantum Touch practitioner Kristofer Marjanovic (Marjanovic Alternative Healing) has found a niche in the Peace region and is enjoying a growing clientele.

Reiki, the practice of using energy to realign the body’s functioning as well as the mind, was all but unheard of in Dawson Creek when Marjanovic started his practice in 2009, but he says that as locals have become more educated about alternative therapies, his business has grown.

“It took some time to educate, but now most people know what it is, Reiki,” said Marjanovic.

“Back when I first started seven years ago, [clients] would be people who were already doing energy work, so they wanted someone else to do it on them. Now I get rig people, nurses … they want something different, they come to me for a different experience.”

He said that around a third of his current clientele are local rig workers in the oil and gas industry, who learn of his services online and come to him as a de-stressing therapy.

According to the International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki is mainly used for stress reduction, though Marjanovic said that he works often to “balance the body and the mind.”

It is a Japanese therapy which involves the practitioner using his or her hands to channel “life force energy”; if this energy is low in a person’s body, they are more likely to experience illness and stress.

Marjanovic uses mainly intuitive methods to administer this technique, which he said is an ability everyone has but that must be developed.

Prior to starting his Reiki and Quantum Touch practice, Marjanovic was an Intervention Worker at School District 59.

He has always liked helping people, he said, but he wanted to work independently, and that’s when he did research and found Reiki online.

After taking classes in Grande Prairie, he is now qualified to teach the method, and is practicing full time, giving sessions that range from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the person.

“I’m going to stay with it because it’s going strong,” he told Northeast News.

Marjanovic will be at the Dawson Creek Health and Wellness Expo at Encana Events Centre on Feb. 13.

Stacy Thomas


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